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Warren King

Warren King

My first drawing is of Warren King @wrnking. Warrens is another fellow alumni of the Pearl River Mart artist in residency program. Warrens exhibition featured his amazing cardboard and glue 3D sculptures. The pieces capture the residents of Chinatown. They show people talking in the streets, working at the markets and playing chess in Columbus Park. Mr. King created this series as a tribute to the people who anchor the community as well as a way for the him to build a sense of connection with them.

Not only is Warren an incredible artist he’s extremely generous, during the height of the pandemic he posted online tutorials for kids to follow on line. When I told him my kids love to do origami, he invited us over to his studio so they could see how he builds his sculpture. Truth be told, I’m fascinated as well.

Learn more about Warren King and his work on his website
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