Kit Yueng (my good friend / long time training partner) and I formed Team Self-Defense in the fall of 2021 to combat the rise of anti-Asian hate. We wanted to give the community piece of mind and practical skills in a very difficult time. Our program started at a senior center in heart of Manhattans Chinatown and has since expanded to serve all of New York City. We now teach all demographics and have classes in many different neighborhoods throughout the city, from Sunset Park to Flushing, to Washington Heights. Our partners include Apex for Youth, Asian American Federation, Asian Americans For Equality, UA3, Raising Health, Rodney Kirk Center, Immigration Social Services, and etc. Contact us for information.

Check us out on CBS National News

The volunteers from the Kawinis Club (pictured above) were recently recognized for their service to the community. They help visitors and locals safely navigate the streets of Manhattans Chinatown.