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Lucy Yu

Lucy Yu

Lucy Yu @lucyywaves opened Yu and Me book store @yuandmebooks in December of 2021. Here dream was to create a home that she never found in a bookstore growing up. Yu and Me Books is a bookstore / café / bar that focuses on the strong, diverse voices of our community, with a focus on immigrant stories. The initials of the bookstore, YM, are actually her mother's initials to showcase the stories and love in different languages that have been passed down for generations.

Lucy believes Yu and Me Books is a space where we can dream together, share our passion, strive for change, and push systems closer to justice. There is a huge lack of representation within the literary space, and she has created a space where everyone feels welcomed and heard. It's something special to read a story that you relate to and see yourself represented after a lifetime of not being able to. After a little more than a year it’s safe to her journey of sharing stories with you for years to come in a safe community space to sip, read, and foster some amazing conversations is just beginning!

She has been featured in every media outlet you can think of from Forbes to CNN and she really welcomes everyone from best-selling authors to self-published authors. She has also created so many incredible events for the community.

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