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Kelly Bit

Kelly Bit

Meet the incredible Kelly Bit @kellyjbit, Kelly is the owner and creator of Sublima @sublimajewelry Sublima is Kelly line of amazing jewelry. As a child she always loved drawing and crafting and while working as a journalist she missed the visual arts and made an intentional switch to creating jewelry. Kelly saw jewelry as viable way for her to peruse her love for art.

She took a continuing education class at SVA to get some technical skills like metal smithing and wax carving. That gave her confidence to start producing her own brand. Kelly’s beautiful work is inspired by commemorating ordinary moments of delights. She has many delightful memories centered around food and the people I enjoy it with, so that’s one reason why many of the pieces are Asian food inspired.

Perhaps the only thing that matches her creativity is her generosity, Kelly has pursued partnerships with local nonprofits serving the Asian American and Chinatown communities here in New York. Since 2020, SUBLIMA has donated $65,000 to nonprofits supporting NYC's Chinatowns, after-school programming, affordable housing and food security.

Her long-term vision is to be the premiere jewelry brand for Asians and Asian Americans and to have the jewelry represent not only high art but humanism and community impact. One of her biggest desires and goals is for her work to gain more exposure so that its inspiration and aesthetic beauty reaches more people. That means collaborating with more organizations and people who share SUBLIMA’s values, being part of events where she can meet people and build connections, getting her jewelry into more stores and working with more cultural gatekeepers, such as editors or stylists, to spread the word.

For more information about Sublima please visit

In the mean time I love talking to her about art and the community. She has given me so many great ideas.
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